Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alaskan Spirit Blend

It may be a long two weeks. :)  Rando got here last night with his dad; thus begins the juggling of dogs and parents for two weeks.   Chet's skin is so thin that an excited dog can make a tear in his arm or hand just wanting to be petted.  It is like a doggie version of keystone cops--which dog is in which room?  Where does Chet want to go?  He's a good sport about it though, obliging the nature of a house with 5 dogs.

And speaking of a 5th dog, Roadie is just amazing me with how smart he is and what a quick learner.  I easily taught him "down" as in lie down last night.  He also responded to "no" when he started to chew on the tulips, and to "stay" when I wanted to leave the leaving room without his following me.  His most rambunctious time is in the morning, right after he comes in after having been fed.  He is one wild boy at that time, which is usually when he goes back in the box for a nap and to settle.  He has figured out that he does not want to go in the crate, though, as it means "play time is over" and just like a child, he fights it.

Oh, the name of the blog today?  My Alaska coffee I brought back last summer.  It is a robust brew, that tastes like something they would have in the bush--strong.  I figured I would need a little extra strength and spirit to get that floor done today.  I would be hard at it already, except I forgot to get my jeans out of the room that Chet is sleeping in, and I really don't want to tear out a floor wearing my pajamas. :)

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Betty said...

Go girl go! Pajamas or not!