Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Roses and Baby's Breath

I love days like today.  Even though it never got above 39 degrees, it was sunny and clear, and seemed warmer.  I left mid-morning for Memphis, armed with plans for research, thinking about one last fling of a road trip for work/pleasure/necessity before the semester begins again.  I had to take the car in for service, had some New Deal research to do, and I have been out of my two favorite Earl Gray teas for several days now.  And could it be possible that Buster's has been able to replenish Fairview Pinotage since the last time I was there?

Sometimes I have to confess that as much as I love research, I find things that create feelings of intense anger.  One of my supervisors used to say that only when we really did feel anger could we learn to channel that toward social change.  After all these years of practice (and experiencing a whole lot of anger at injustice) I still wonder about humankind.  So, as I was waiting for my car, I was finding more information than I could possibly process, and trying to figure out what to do with it in a useful way.  I have been working on this piece of research for a while now, and just when I think I have a handle on it, I find that I don't.  In one way, that makes me feel good about it.  Sometimes, thinking we know something can be a trap to stop thinking.

My final stop of the day was at Fresh Market, which is the only place I can find the two brands of tea that I prefer.  They had a mark-down rack of flowers just inside the door, and since I had finally managed to find time to clean my room this past weekend, I selected two of my favorites--baby's breath and spray roses.  (I just can't seem to reconcile fresh flowers in a pig sty--or as my friend's young daughters used to call it, a "pig style.")  I splurged on a $10 candle (a total contradiction to the research I had been doing) of tangerine and lemongrass, and hit the road home.

I made chicken provencal with fresh carrots and fresh Tuscan bread. The scent of the baby's breath and the tangerine/lemongrass are filling the room now.  One last pleasure of the day.


Lana Pugh said...

Sometimes it's just the little things. I actually found an inexpensive candle in Dollar General the other day that didn't smell aweful and splurged and bought it. I'll light it while I'm puttering in the kitchen and it makes me feel all grown up and girly if for just a minute.

I still don't feel grown up enough to splurge on fresh flowers though.

Suzassippi said...

You made me laugh--"didn't smell awful." I actually love Dollar General, and especially in small towns.

I got the buying flowers for myself from a colleague once, who used to keep fresh flowers on her desk. Off and on over the years, I will keep them at work, but more often than not, I keep them at home. It makes me feel happy to look at them.

Lana Pugh said...

I love Dollar General too, it keeps me out of WalMart! And as soon as I saw how I had spelled awful, of course after I had submitted the comment, I wanted to smack myself. While I love writing, I still cannot spell.

Suzassippi said...

Well, technically, awful meant "full of awe" as in awe-inspiring, awesome, but since folks tended to, shall we say 'dismantle' the English language over the years, it -- like half of the rest of spelling -- got corrupted. In no other language do you say "there, their, they're" and they are all pronounce the same but you spell them differently and they mean different things. I could go on…but I won't.

But as far as our fingers moving faster than our eyes/brains, I think we are all guilty. lol