Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thunderstorms, toes in the sky, nerves waking up, and weight going down

At least there are one or two good things happening with all the changes this week has brought, and one of them is a drop in weight--something that will help immensely with the joint issues.  I am also drinking a lot of water, which is beneficial as well.  I normally am an 8-10 glass a day person, but have gotten out of kilter on everything of late, and somehow, just stopped drinking water.  I have made up for it this week, and R can attest to that as many times as he has refilled my drinking glass.  I do as much for myself as possible, even learning to carry items in a small bag when going to the kitchen for food or drink, but sometimes, it is just a bit of work that I feel unable to accomplish.  I have no idea what this brace weighs, but I do know that even though I am able to swing my leg up to the bed with it on, I cannot swing it down without using my "Assist Scarf."  After a number of treks during the day, I get sort of weary at bedtime, so R usually brings my fresh water and middle-of-the-night meds to me.  He may do it grudgingly, but he still does it.

Today was one of those days where I just felt like limp jello if you know what I mean, and though not sick, just was kind of in a blue funk body wise.  I got a lot of work accomplished on some tasks that have to be done whether or not I am at work, and that was helpful in crossing off the to-do list that just seems to get longer!  I did not feel like eating, but I continued to stay hydrated with water, and forced myself to drink chicken soup and ate a few bites at supper.  I can hardly expect my body to bounce back if I don't feed it, now can I?

I also got my Physical Therapy pillow delivered today, and it is amazing!  It's a wedge pillow of foam, so it provides a firmer, yet comfortable surface.  When you use it to elevate your legs, it is like night and day in terms of decreased pain and swelling, and increased comfort.  It takes pressure off of points such as your lower back, and makes it easier to sleep on my back--I am a side sleeper, and this has been difficult to make the adjustment.  It is also used in the PT exercises, too, so that gives it an extra benefit. When I get tired of it, I just scoot it to the other side of the bed, but it is handy in case I decide I want it later.

The muscles in my thigh have started waking up, and today, the nerves in my kneecap yawned and made an appearance.  They were firing off little messages every few minutes: "Hey, look at me!  Look what I can do now!  Let's get up and go play!"  I was glad to welcome them, but equally glad they are ready for a nap now at bedtime.  It may be the result of the newest homework exercise, which involves bending my leg slowly down until there is the expected 90 degree angle between thigh and shin...I am not quite at 90, but very close.  I pushed it a few more inches each time today, and my goal tomorrow is all the way.  It might as well be my goal, because if I haven't accomplished it by 3:30, my PT will just pick it up and "assist" me to bend it.  I am not sure why it is so much more painful, and so much harder, to do the bend lying on my back trying to bring my heel to my rear, but it is.  For one, the nerve block from the surgery made it difficult, and then just the loss of tone that goes with lack of activity.  I endlessly worked on homework over the weekend and last night and today, too, as I know it is the only way I can get back to normal...whatever that may be!

And finally, it's been raining and thunderstorms again...all evening...short break...another storm...short break...not sure how long before this cell will pass over, but on the radar, it is a doozy, so it could be a while.  I guess it is time for that last trek down the hall for tonight, and hope for a good sleep tonight, and enough energy to be able to do some more posts about history, preservations, buildings, towns, and peoples!

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