Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Olney City Hall

 Although this building is currently in use as the city hall, that was not always the case.  And, however I search my memory and databases and Olney newspapers, I cannot recall its former use, or find reference to it.  What I do recall is that during the time my mother worked for what was then known as the Department of Public Welfare, her Olney office was in this building, and shared space with the highway patrol officer.  I am estimating a circa 1922, based on its resemblance to the building below.
The Municipal Building in Breckenridge in nearby Stephens County is similar, and it was erected 1922.  
 The Olney building features Roman ionic columns, and has a relieving arch design on the windows of the lower floor and the center door.  The weight is diverted around the arch, and then down to the ground, which reduces weight on the window head or door opening (locallocalhistory.co.uk).
 Flat lintels are inside the arches, which also feature a white keystone.  This side of the building has been altered in recent years.  At one time, another building stood next door, but I don't recall what it was.  The Hamilton Hotel building was on the corner, to the left in this photo, and Lunn Funeral Home occupied a space in the block, maybe even in the old hotel itself.  The Rexall drug store was on the bottom floor of the hotel.
 The relieving arch design, and the flat lintels, are more readily apparent in the close up.
 The parapet is topped with a cartouche.

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