Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet Abby

Abby is about 4 months old, a lab mix, and was rescued from near-death when she crawled up onto a deck, covered in parasites, too weak to eat or drink.  Her benefactress took her to the vet for treatment and began seeking an adoptive family.  I was really just kidding when I told Rand that I said we would take her.  For whatever the reason, black dogs are the last to be adopted from shelters, and more likely to be euthanized.  Rand said if she could not find a home for her, we would take her before sending her to the shelter.

So, a couple of weeks later, and here is our new family member, Abby.  We picked her up Saturday.  Her "finder" had generously taken her to the vet again for a check-up and immunizations, and provided her pop-up sleeping tent, blanket, toys, food, collar and leash, comb and brush, shampoo, ear cleaner, food bowl--wow, kind of like the goodie baskets you got at the hospital when they sent you home with your new baby.

And it is indeed like having a new baby in the house.  We are introducing our dogs slowly in small doses, while Abby is in her crate.  So far, all tail wagging and looking to make new friends.  I am taking her outside in the front yard on leash for now, and she delights in playing with the cats who reside in our front yard.

In two short days, we have established our routine.  I am up at 6 to walk her, then feed her, then it's play-time, then another walk, and now down for her nap.
This is our "dog chair"--the one where we allow the dogs to get on the furniture.  It is a chair and a half size, so perfect for sitting with room for a dog.  I just moved my morning routine by bringing the laptop into the living room so I can give her some playtime and time with me.  After our second walk, I brushed her before we came in, and she could not decide if it was playing or petting.

She is very sweet-natured, although in her puppy stage, biting at everything.  I use redirection, giving her a toy to chew, and reinforce her compliance.  Wow, I had forgotten how much work it is to train a puppy.  One thing about it, the sleeping late days are done for a while.


Beth said...

She's precious! Having dogs (again) changed my life and sleeping habits, too. But it is a good thing. Many years ago I had a black lab mix, she was small but had all the lab traits. Enjoy Abby!

Suzassippi said...

Thanks, Beth. It is probably good to get a new dog now and then--keeps us on our toes and paying attention.

Lisa Moore said...

Hi Dr. Allen. It's amazing how a pet can change one's life. Abby has gained a great home. You and Randy are the greatest!

Suzassippi said...

Thanks, Lisa. I am getting quite attached to her, and she to me--but I still wonder "what was I thinking?" :)