Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clocks of London

A few years ago we made an unexpected trip to London when a colleague who was scheduled to report on our research from the response to Hurricane Katrina was injured and could not attend the conference. At the last minute, I filled in for him so we did not have to cancel the presentation.  We had spent several years on the research and it was pending publication.  We only had a few days there, and the quickest way to see much of anything was to do the hop on-hop off tour bus.  I confess to doing more of the hop on than the hop off, but I was fascinated by the variety of clock "architecture" present in the city.


ELMalvaney said...

Love this post and these pictures--good eye for these simple but impressive details!

And let me just say how generous you are to go to London for a colleague--must have been tough ;-)

Suzassippi said...

It really was a sacrifice--the state in which we live does not permit you to spend state funds for out of country travel--last minute airfare out of my pocket? Priceless.

LeAnn Sutterfield said...

The 2nd picture of "Clocks of London" - do you know what the building was? I have a picture also and can't remember the name. Small building, gold surrounding clock and dome above/behind it.

Suzassippi said...

I really have no idea. I did not know where I was most of the time, and I took numerous photos of clocks, clock towers, and buildings on my tour. Sorry!