Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Friday, December 11, 2015

La cloture, las cerca, il recinto: The fence

Doesn't la cloture just sound way more elegant than "fence?"  Called by any name, we are happy it is completed.  We rebuilt on a smaller scale for a couple of reasons--to be able to clear the brush and keep it clear near the hillside, and because we really did not need to fence the entire yard.  The purpose is to keep dogs in the yard while they do their business, and this will also make it possible to keep their business cleaned up--unlike trying to police an entire acre of yard and brush.
It provides privacy to the back and side of the house, encloses the air conditioner unit from animals and dogs, and gives the dogs a safe place to be outside.  Only Abby is interested in the occasional romp and run, so it is large enough for that.
The fence extends along side the house and a bit into the front yard just to provide a little privacy, but does not enclose the front.  The old fence and gate extends from the house to the new fence and allows us to access the area where the air conditioner unit is located.
There is enough space to the side between the fence and the edge of the hill to get the mower and keep things under control there.  I still have a bit of landscaping work to do on the hillside itself, to prevent further erosion now that all the kudzu is burned and I am beginning to research how best to do that.  Meanwhile, another day at work beckons, and the yard has to wait until tomorrow.


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Looks good! maybe some simple terracing on the hill with a spreading ground cover? My best friend growing up lived on a hill and that's what her mother did, she planted jasmine down the hill to keep it from eroding. Worked pretty good along with smelling amazing when the jasmine bloomed.