Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dancing Bear Lodge

 We spent the night outside of Knoxville, in Turkey Creek/Farragut, and Sunday morning went in to Knoxville for me to get the photographs for the research.  No, the First Baptist Church was not one of them, but it was across the street from one, and church was just letting out when we arrived.  We spent a couple of hours doing the research and then headed the 40 minute drive to Townsend, where we would be staying in the Smoky Mountains.
 I am sort of past the rustic lodge decor for the most part, but the cabin was lovely and appropriate to the surroundings.  I took my  laptop out on the deck, with a glass of tea, and worked for a couple of hours.  (Yes, as usual, had a report to do that there had been no time to do before I left Mississippi.)

 The quiet sound of the forest lulled me into a rhythm as I gently rocked, typed, rested my eyes on the forest.  Finally after a couple of hours, I decided it was time to vacate and commandeered R to go for a short walk with me.

A light snack for supper, more work, and then at dark, the hot tub on the deck beckoned, breaking the sounds of the insects in the forest with its low rumble.  Sitting there immersed in the hot waters swirling around us, hearing only the Tennessee night sounds of the mountains, I felt like we were in a Cialis commercial.

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I'm relaxed now after reading this!