Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crossing chores off the list: Labors of love

 On my May trip, Sis and I bought primer and paint with plans to tackle some of the long overdue needs on the exterior of the house.  Dad was always so meticulous in taking care of things long before they became a problem or potential problem.  Obviously, this door is past potential to full-blown problem.  I scraped and sanded, and cleaned off paint/wood dust.  Even though I had started early, right after feeding Rio at 7, it was too hot to paint by the time I finished the prep.
 One primer coat went on Tuesday, and the second Wednesday.  My plans were to finish the paint today, but unexpectedly, I was on the road after feeding Rio to make the hour and a half drive to Abilene and check on R's dad and auntie.  That took the day, and I arrived back here at almost 7 tonight.  Rio had been fed, but I took him out his watermelon treat.  I hold out a slice of the rind with a little melon left.  He can take two bites (amazing how he knows just how far to go to get the melon and rind, but not the peel!) before I put it down on the ground and let him finish away from my fingers.  In the morning, first coat of paint goes on, and scrub the deck so I can put the first coat of stain on Saturday morning. 
Driving back from Abilene this evening, I had a sudden epiphany about workspace.  I realized the little table (my dad built this years ago from left over parts) next to the bed would be just the right height, and that I could pull up the chair and it would be much more comfortable than working from bed with the computer on my lap.  It is usually too hectic in the kitchen so when I need to work, I always go to "my room."

I was right.  The small lip on the table edge is exactly the height of the lap top when it sits in the "tray" and thus, gives me a wrist-rest which is sooooo comfortable.  Oh, happy day!


Beth said...

I agree with Rio that watermelon is a good snack, but I do stop at the rind :)

Suzassippi said...

[Chuckle] I will tell him in the morning when I see him. I think his answer might be "What you talking about?"