Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's been a hard day's night.

It all started with my bringing Dad the photos of Rio in the studio mount frame.  Over the years, photographs had been added to the wall with no thought or order as to frames or design.  We were thinking of where to put the new picture and I suggested to Sis that we needed to do mats and matching, or at least coordinating, frames and she agreed.  The oil painting was of Dad's quarterhorses that he bought my first year of college, but the frame was falling apart and the canvas coming out.  Sis and I went to Fort Worth Friday and spent the day shopping and among other things, bought the new frames and spent Saturday and Sunday re-framing, laying out the design (which changed once we started putting them on the wall) and putting them up Sunday afternoon.  We finished at 8:35 last night.

It is now the wall of the men, horses, and dogs--clockwise from the clock, Mom's brother, his horse Patsy, and his dog Butch; Dad's father; Dad; Dad's quarterhorses; the hunting dog picture my brother made, Dad and Bro, and Rio in the center. 

J got here this afternoon, the car is packed and he and I will roll out of here early--by 5 AM--to head back to Mississippi.  I have to be at work Wednesday at 8, and squeeze in time to go sign papers for the new truck Rand bought while I was gone.  I told him I can't leave him alone for 5 minutes.  He wanted to know when I was leaving town again so he could trade the house.  I said I could stay gone a few more days if he could swing that.


Lana Pugh said...

Love it! I'm sure he was proud of it too.

Suzassippi said...

Mainly, he just wanted the pictures back up on the wall. :) Understandably, he does not like change right now, and he kept looking at the blank wall and saying he was ready for us to put the pictures back.

I should have done a "before" and you would have seen how badly it needed revision!