Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cloudy in the West

 That was the name of one of Elmer Kelton's books.  Mr. Kelton wrote of a simpler time, and while my two favorite books he wrote were The Day the Cowboys Quit and The Time it Never Rained, I enjoyed all of his books--and there were many.  This post isn't about Elmer Kelton, or his books, but when I went out to feed Rio and Jenny Sunday night, I noted the teasing clouds that are common in West Texas.  It doesn't mean rain.
 Yep, I am back in Texas for a few days, unexpectedly, but grateful for the opportunity.  This is my first trip home since I was here Christmas.  Things just kept going wrong in May and early June when I intended to come, but sometimes, things have a way of righting themselves and demanding that nothing else matters.  Dad is not doing well right now, and Sis had to be out of town for a couple of days.  I am here to tote and fetch, feed my boy, and drink coffee with Dad in the mornings.
I cleaned out Rio's water trough Sunday morning, so he was pretty happy when he came in for supper and saw my handiwork.  I sneaked down tonight after supper to give him an extra handful of feed when I decided I needed a short break and exercise.  He'll be watching for me in the morning, waiting at the gate when I go out. Some things, you just never get tired of.


Lana Pugh said...

I think I miss my morning chores more than anything since leaving home. I don't have the luxury of having my horses there at the house, they're 15 minutes out in the country and there's not enough time in the morning to run out there before work. There's not much better in life than a pair of large brown eyes lighting up because you have their breakfast or that walk to the pasture to put them out for the day. Maybe again someday....

Suzassippi said...

I hope so for you. It is one of my highlights when I come home. Even Jenny was eating out of my hand yesterday. I am now "the mule whisperer." :)

Beth said...

I've missed the Rio stories! There is something about being greeted by loving animal eyes that touches us and connects us with the natural world.

Suzassippi said...

Yeah, but my boy is a little miffed at me--I have not gotten up as early as usual and the help has fed him breakfast. I still go see him and feed him supper though. I will have to do a better job of interviewing Rio and Jenny before I leave. I did do a good job of getting Jenny to eat out of my hand, five handsful in a row. Astonished the evening help. I did explain it has taken me two years to get to that point. :)