Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Airport Scheduling in 2013

Maybe some things don't get better with technology. I left Memphis for DFW needing to change from terminal A to terminal B. Just before departure I got my update alert that I would now arrive at terminal C and my gate would be 17 instead of 13. 

I checked the board on arrival, Gate 17, terminal B-- good to go. I got on the train and exited for gate 17, go down the escalator, find the gate directory...and that the gate has now been move to gate 20... Which required going back up the escalator I just came down, and getting back on the train I just got off going back the direction from which I had just come. 

I was hobbling along when the disability cart stopped to see if I needed help. (thank you DFW for recognizing the importance of having them travel throughout the airport searching for need, unlike Atlanta airport who will provide the service only if reserved per-flight, and might not show up and cause you to miss your flight.)

I was cheerily dropped 12 gates down the terminal, and by the time I came out of the restroom, they had moved the gate again. Fortunately, it was only to the gate next door. I had signed up for gate change alerts and still had none...until after I boarded the plane. I'm thinking they might want to reconsider the whole gate scheduling gig, or upgrade the timeline on notification. But from start to finish, I give them a 9 out of 10--what's a little indecision on where to park a plane?

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