Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome to Innovation Camp

Monday morning of the Youth Summit started off with Innovation Camp, facilitated by Bethany Cooper, the Director of Corporate Relations and MBA/MHA Services.  After a brief warmup for group members to get to know each other, they were assigned into random groups, based on a tag placed under their chair.  I love that idea--typically folks who know each other or like each other sit together.  This provided the opportunity to mix people up into different groups, and that always gives the opportunity for different levels of participation and outcomes.

Our group mentors brought up the back row for us.

Each group was given an ordinary item: a pen, a backpack, headphones, etc.  The task was to brainstorm ways to improve the item.  (You know, like the person who thought to put those retractable skate wheels in a pair of tennis shoes, so you can skate or walk?).  Then the team would present the idea, and get some feedback and responses from the MBA students helping with camp.  Each group had an MBA student assigned to the group for mentoring as well.

The results were indeed, innovative!  They had a great time, and we were really impressed with how they jumped into the activity and quickly produced their projects.  
We had a panel of professional judges (not this group--these are our sponsors/mentors) who played "American Idol."  They pointed out what the presenters did well, suggestions to improve the presentation and the product, and some genuine encouragement.  We will be continuing this project back in the community--there is a lot of potential in this group to expand this work!

As soon as I have time to process the video, I will post a few of them--they will make you smile.

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