Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back to the Campus: Old Chemistry and Pharmacy Building

It is hard to believe a week has gone by so quickly.  I always way underestimate how much time it is going to take me to do what I have planned in my time off.  There really was no "time off" this week as I spent almost every waking moment working on a grant proposal that is due tomorrow.

  The Old Chemistry & Pharmacy Building, renamed Brevard Hall this year, is one of the buildings in the Historic Lyceum Circle.  It was completed in 1923, and was 45,000 square feet.  Pharmacy was housed on the third floor until 1969 when they moved to their new building, Faser Hall.  Chemistry remained in the building until 1977, and currently, it is used by the School of Engineering since the renovation.
 The application for the National Register of Historic Places, completed by Gene Ford, Architectural Historian from the University of Alabama, described the building:
Third story features a rusticated stone parapet; 8/8 and 9/9 double-hung sash windows...
Second floor facade has casement and 12/12 double-hung sash windows...the two-story projections at each end of the building contain quoins and groups of 8/8 windows... 
 First floor has a double-leaf door with sidelights and a transom, 12/12 double-hung sahs windows, Neoclassical portico...
During the riots, on September 30, 1962, students broke into the building and made Molotov cocktail devices with which to bomb the federal vehicles surrounding the Circle.  I do confess that I find it of interest that I can learn that information in the historic nomination, but not who was the architect for the building.

Meanwhile, winter has arrived in Mississippi, with cold and rain today, and the chance of snow and sleet tomorrow.  This is the final week of the semester, and the presentation of projects and wrapping it all up before the finals.  My best guess is that the few weeks I have off before teaching the January Wintersession course in Mound Bayou will fly by, as well.  I'll be on the road to Texas one of those weeks, and checking in from my favorite corner in the United Grocery Deli.  I also plan a stop in Jacksboro to check on the status of the courthouse renovation, and a day trip up to Throckmorton, where word has it they restored the original cupola to the courthouse.

But for now, it's back to the proposal and the last cup of Harney & Sons Earl Grey tea, brewed long-leaf in the pot.  Maybe after that, a nap is in order.


ELMalvaney said...

Nice post about a building that often stands in the shadow of the Lyceum. The MDAH Historic Resources database shows that Link & Trueblood were the architects. Link of course was the architect of the New Capitol, and he later became the State Architect, a period in which his firm designed buildings on several of the state's college campuses.


Suzassippi said...

I looked in the MDAH database, but obviously, not in the right place! I thought I'd find it there--thanks for the info--I know I'll need it in the future.

Suzassippi said...

Oh, wow, those guys did a lot of things here on campus!

ELMalvaney said...

I love seeing those connections--it's what makes architectural research fun!