Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When the rest of the world catches up, I'll be waiting

I felt like an Atlanta commuter this morning, catching the 8:15 into the city. It was a 3 block hike from the subway stop to the hotel, but most of it is a covered walkway.

We were scheduled to go first, but the projector would not open my presentation. Yes, I use a Mac, and though every other projector in the world I have ever used will read a Mac, this one would not. I called Randy and he seemed unable to grasp it when I kept telling him that what he was telling me to look for on settings did not exist--it was a blank screen. Although I had gone in early to set up, it was now time for us to present, so we let the other guy go first. Our convener had not shown up, so we only had a student "helper" who did not keep him on track with his time. He kept ignoring Debra and I who said twice his time was up, and then actually said, "I think I have a few more minutes." "No, you don't you are over your time." I thought Debra was going to tackle him, but when we stood up he finally quit talking and moved out of the way. I got the Powerpoint to open (apparently $200 a day for rooms and $10,000 for conference facilities don't buy you any technical help who know what they are doing) and we moved on quite nicely. However, the movie that I spent hours and hours (like several days of hours and hours and all day long Monday and Tuesday) would never display. It was on the computer, but the projector would not display it.

That was a major disappointment to say the least, but we had great questions and interest in our topic and presentation. People asked for additional information and to be kept informed of the status of the research. One woman from another university wants to come work with us this summer on it. So, all in all, in spite of the technical issues, it created the stir and interest that we had hoped it would.

Now if the rest of the computer and technological world will realize that compatibility is about more than people getting along, I might go to another conference some day. :)

I was in considerable pain with my hip and knee by the time I hiked back to the subway this afternoon, and was happy to "zone out" for the short ride to my stop. After a short rest, we walked up the street to get dinner. I asked how far, knowing I could not walk very much more. Randy said only a short ways. It turned out to be over 6 blocks, and there were moments I did not think I could make it. We enjoyed a nice dinner (I had fish tacos, and while they were good, they are not even remotely close to those of the famous Chef Richard Bye) and then walked back to the hotel. I have now collapsed onto the bed in my pj's after an infusion of ibuprofen.

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