Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Atlanta, no pics except the ones in your mind

Randy and I left this morning for Atlanta--much to the sadness of Libby, Kate, and J. Libby and Kate because they will miss us...J because he has to feed dogs while we are gone. We had an uneventful drive to Atlanta using Randy's newest toy--a GPS. It was actually great to hear her tell us for upcoming turns in enough time to change lanes, and it worked wonderfully. Of course I was more concerned that "they" knew where I was every step of the way, but let's face it, they do anyway.

We checked into our hotel, a cool little art deco hotel in which I stayed on my last trip to Atlanta 7 years ago. It is right across the street from the MARTA stop, so after getting situated, we hopped the train to go check out the conference location. I looked up the location on the map, and though I did not think it "felt" right, I took the train indicated. I should go with my feelings--it was not right. I told Randy, no problem, years of traveling with Jane has taught me when we make a mistake, get off and take the next train back the other way. LOL We go to the downtown stop and were looking at the map to figure out which way to walk when the transit "ambassador" came over to ask to help us. I told Randy that has been my experience anywhere rapid transit is a major service. We walked right to the conference hotel--3 blocks, most of it covered--and found where I need to be tomorrow.

Rand had forgotten one of his meds, so we used his GPS to locate a store; nope, they didn't have it. Tried two more. Nope. I suggested we get back to our cool little hotel and ask at the desk. I stopped at the great deli/cafe/convenience store/wine store across from our hotel, which I was happy to see was still here 7 years later. We got what we needed there and are now relaxing in our very chic art deco room--white leather, black and white art work, red accents. Our room faces the lovely Mediterranean style plaza (where I will sit tomorrow once I get home from my presentation.) I just want to buy this building and use it for my retirement commune.

I spent 8 hours making the movie yesterday (after hours and hours of editing video clips of the interviews), and then Randy spent another 3 getting it onto the lap top for the presentation. No wonder film makers command such high dollars! I am pleased, though, and wish I could share it here, but it is too long. I may be able to (once I get home) edit and just show the intro and closing, to give you a flavor of the presentation. While I am always saying "What was I thinking?" right before a major thing like this, I am really excited about what we have done so far, and the work that I think will come out of this.

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