Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finishing up Atlanta

Yesterday afternoon I sat outside in 70 degree weather and enjoyed the profusion of blooming daffodils in my yard. This morning, I am looking at them lying on the ground, covered in a layer of snow. We woke to snow coming down so quickly you could not see. Fortunately, it is not sticking, and has mostly stopped to be replaced by rain again. Unfortunately, that moment last night may be the extent of my flowers for the spring.

A good reason, I suppose, to post the last of the Atlanta pictures. These are more of Randy's photos. The blossoms were falling off these trees as profusely as it was snowing this morning. I made a short movie of them, and once I finish my real work for today--grading papers and preparing for my marathon 8 AM til 10 PM day tomorrow, I can move on to my new love--making documentary films...and learning how to make them play somewhere other than only on my computer.

This was one of the poisonous frogs in the Columbian display. Apparently, all Columbian frogs are poisonous--at least all the ones in the conservatory. They had one "room" which was a tropical forest, and the frogs were on the loose; while we could hear them, we did not ever see them. They are the ones the indigenous people used to make poison-tipped darts.
The aerial roots of one of the plants just filled the upper parts of the room.

This looks more like some type of animal than a plant to me; in a sci-fi movie, it would uncurl and grab the unsuspecting bystander.

Goodbye, Hotlanta. It was 7 years ago when I was there that I interviewed for the position at Ole Miss. Other than flying in and out of the airport numerous times over the years, this was only my second visit. There is still a lot more to see and do there, and at less than 6 hours from here, perhaps we will make it again some time.

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