Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leaving South Africa

This has not been the trip that I imagined. Not even close. I am sitting here right now sweltering, with no energy nor motivation to write, other than to say we are okay and happy to be heading home on Friday night.

The most appropriate thing I can say is how my friend Jeanne expressed it: Perhaps this is just the end of your season in South Africa. I think that explains it best. I love people here, but my season of purpose here may well have ended and it took this trip to show me. I have written extensively in my journal, due to not having access to Internet the majority of the time, and have had some insight and awareness that are not possible when things go the way you think they should. A great deal of it has been about my work, but much of it has also been personal.

There have been some funny moments, some sad moments, some frightening moments, and some things that simply have to be dealt with. Some of those I will share once we are back in the US and I have access and can upload some pictures--it is just not feasible here now.

We are anxious to be home soon. Tomorrow I will visit, for the first time, the organization I was actually over here to do some work with--another long story. Friday, I will say goodbye to Aunty Goliath and my friends, and happily board a plane for a 24 hour flight home. I never thought I would be so happy to be on a plane for 24 hours as I will be on this one.


Gigi said...

I am glad you are home or almost home. Hope you and J are okay.

Betty said...

Sorry to hear that your trip was less than you expected...and all of the health issues. Take good care and perhaps see your own doc for a follow-up. Glad J is okay as well.