Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Texas sunsets

Something about Texas sunsets fascinates me, like sunsets no other place.  I would sit out on the west deck most evenings and watch the sun finally sink behind the trees in the pasture.  Colors would range from reds, oranges, and pinks to deep blues and purples.  Two nights in a row, it was stormy weather and the clouds would turn dark, with deep orange skies from the reflected dust, and the rain was visible in the distance.   
It was hot--over 100 several days--but generally dry and thus, not sultry like Mississippi.  Still, I would be perspiring in the heat.  The east deck was cooler as it was in shade and the breeze blowing on that side of the house, and while I enjoyed looking at all the flowers blooming around the deck, it was not a sunset...and, I could not see Rio grazing in the pasture, or count the hummingbirds that had discovered the new feeder. 

The same night the skies had been such a deep orange, in the time it took me to click the shutter again, the orange was overshadowed by the deep gray of the rain that had muted the dust flecks. 
Like drawing a curtain across a stage, the lights faded.


Jane said...

Gotta admit that Texas sunsets are gorgeous, especially the West Texas version!

Suzassippi said...

True--must be all that dirt and wind and lack of moisture. :)

Jane said...

I always heard that part of it was the dirt/dust!