Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Did you miss me, Rio?

 I cannot think of many things that make me want to get up early other than feeding Rio.  Not too many things keep me on schedule in the evening like feeding Rio.  Yes, he has hay, and yes, he has a pasture full of green grass right now, but he knows when it is time for breakfast and time for supper.  I like to accommodate him.  Nothing makes my heart sing like going out first thing in the morning and seeing him at the gate or looking in the shop windows to see when the door opens.  Nothing makes me feel happy like going out to feed him at evening and seeing him at the gate waiting for me, treat in one hand, food in the other.
 The grass is so wet in the mornings, and so tall in the pasture that I have been meaning to get some "work" boots down here.  With all the storms and rain, I went out to Walmart Fallapart and got some rubber rain boots/Wellies/waders (depending on where you are from) and they have come in really handy this week.  I have tromped through mud in the pasture, water in front of the barn, water in front of the shop, but my little tootsies are dry and my sandals and tennis shoes are, too.
After the big excitement Friday night, Saturday evening I was sitting on the deck chilling.  I had fixed Rio's food bin, pulled weeds away from the barn door, and was sitting on the deck relaxing waiting for Rand to arrive.  The emergency alert shattered the silence with a warning to take cover immediately.  I went in the back door "in the hall now; tornado spotted" and we whipped into action again.  Move chest, close drapes, dad's bed up against the far wall and head to the hall, mom and Tink in the hall, Shea and I in the hall with one next to mom and one next to dad.  No time for anything else.  I tried to call Sis and Rand to warn them to stay put where ever they were in the process--no answer either phone.  Sis came in just then and as soon as she saw dad's bed she knew and got into shelter.

We were fortunate yet again and it passed over us and moved on.  Folks in other areas were not so fortunate, as loss of life and property occurred in nearby towns and our neighbor states.  This time of year has always been like that here where I grew up.  Each time is a sobering moment.


Beth said...

I'm glad you accommodate Rio, too, and then post about him! Glad ya'll are okay. The weather has been fierce.

LindaRe said...

You all do a great job taking care of your parents even in a stressful situation of tornado warnings. Give Rio an apple for me and yes, I think he misses you in your absence.

Lana Pugh said...

Thank goodness yall are okay.
And there is nothing better than the routine of feeding horses in the morning. That is something my little town dwelling self longs for every day. Maybe one day again...

Suzassippi said...

Good evening, everyone, and thanks for all your kind thoughts. There were lots of good days, a few rough ones, and while it was good I could be there and do it, I am getting ready to be back home. Tomorrow!