Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Felix's kittens: The story continues

 This is Caledonia, the most reserved of the kittens.  She reminds me of her grandmere and auntie.  She is stand-offish, but has finally succumbed to purring while petted.  She will play in the kennel with her litter mates, but not with humans.

 Onyx is the most intelligent and curious of the three.  He is not afraid of Kate and Roadie, and puts his nose right to the kennel wire to sniff noses with them.  He is always sitting on the ledge, as close to his humans as he can get.  He is playful, and not only purrs when we pick him up, he loves to play with a plastic jingle ball or the mouse toy.

 Snowcat is the most loving and affectionate of the three.  She loves J and will sleep on his lap while he is on the computer.  She is contented to be held and petted any time.
She is also a rambunctious player, with siblings or her humans.  She is getting a little more adventuresome, and thought seriously about jumping down from the bed during the photo shoot.  I'm pretty certain at this point that J intends to keep Snowcat (though he says he is changing her name as it sounds like a snowmobile), but we shall see.  The others will be adopted out as soon as we can find homes for them.  The photoshoot is for the pet store display.

We have the other 5 currently living on the front porch, and once they get weaned from Mamacat, off they go to new homes as well.  Ten cats is just not gonna happen around here.

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frank_ezelle said...

There are all so cute. Glad I have a no pets clause in my lease so I'm not tempted to get a pet every time I see a kitten or puppy.