Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, May 16, 2011

Suzassippi in London

Yes, I know I am not supposed to be in London, but when you fly Delta, #*!& happens.  I was on the Detroit to Amsterdam flight, ready for an on-time take-off when the pilot announced they were just going to hold for 10 minutes to allow some passengers to connect.  An hour and a half later, we departed, having only had an hour between flights in Amsterdam as it was.

One of the students was on the same Detroit to Amsterdam flight, and she walked up right behind me as I was trying to transfer.  I had explained the situation to the purser on my flight and asked for assistance to make the connection, explaining that I had 8 students on that flight who would not know what happened to me.  (I did not know Alex was on my flight at the time).  The purser very graciously (is there a sarcasm font?) said, "Well, they can read can't they?  They'll look at the board and see you are delayed."

The KLM agent (we were connecting to KLM) graciously (this is genuine authentic font) rerouted us through London on KLM, connecting to British Air this evening.  (I love British Air, so that's a good thing.)  We will be in Cape Town at 8 AM in the morning, not really losing any time since we weren't scheduled to arrive until 10 tonight originally.

Lira and Courtney are taking care of the students tonight, and since they knew pick up was already arranged, I am assuming they are getting close to Cape Town by now.  I sure hope they are not sitting in the Amsterdam airport anyway!  Not only can these students read, they are graduate students and have great critical thinking skills, so I trust they can navigate a little glitch like this.  They tackle far more difficult things every day at work.

Lira will get us to Robben Island on time in the morning for our tour; Alex and I will even have time to shower (thank goodness).  So, I'm here in the really loud and busy Heathrow airport with about 3 more hours to kill.

I have said every trip that is not on South African Airways that I will not make this trip again unless it is SAA--the most awesome airlines in the world.  This time, I really think I mean it.

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