Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Things for Which to be Grateful

I have become way too critical these days; just yesterday I noted how I complained about more than I had joy about. Today, I decided to remedy that. The only way to get my joy back is to act like I have joy in my life. I vowed to spend more time expressing my appreciation and showing compassion. As I have realized before, no one has appointed me policewoman of the universe. Sometimes, I just need to be reminded.

So today, I am grateful that the Poor People's Economic and Human Rights Campaign is carrying on the work for social and economic justice in the US. Today, 42 years after the assassination of Dr. King in Memphis as he stood with the men who eked out a living cleaning up after the rest of us, PPEHRC begins the Poor People's March and Caravan in New Orleans, where the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina still is visible. Learn about the route and how to become involved here.

I will be updating on the march throughout, and joining them in Glendora, Mississippi. It's more than a march or a demonstration, though it is that, too. It's publicizing the movement to unite those of us working for economic and social justice, and strategizing about how to make that happen.

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