Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Monday...it's Japanese take out night

Every Monday, I love to watch my favorite comedies: Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men. (Yeah, I know, right now Accidentally on Purpose is sandwiched in there, but I predict it will not be for long. As much as I loved Jenna Elfman in Dharma and Greg, I cannot say I am all that impressed with anything she has done since then. Last week's episode had a few funny moments, so perhaps there is hope unless they get cancelled first.)

It is half-baked that in Big Bang Theory, they have a routine for every day--you know, what they eat, where they sit, etc. There is a particular Asian take-out (is it Panda Palace?) that is the every Monday dinner. Just mention something out of the routine and watch Sheldon go ballistic.

I fear I am channeling Sheldon. I have become accustomed to my Monday night routine of sitcoms and JTO. It means I do NOT have to go the the grocery store after a grueling Monday of non-stop 6 am arising until 5:30 getting home--usually with no time for lunch unless it is a quick cup of yogurt or cottage cheese because I have a noon class and a 1 pm class. I know I am sinking into sit-com comfy land when I walked in the door tonight and said to Rand, who was already parked in front of the computer playing games by the time I got home from work--"It's Monday; it must be Japanese take-out night." Worse than that, we (and the dogs) each have our "spots" in the living room. "Why are you in my spot? Kate, move!"

Thank goodness tomorrow is Tuesday...and my routine is sleep til 7:30...on the computer til 9:30....etc. Yep, I have become a creature of habit and it messes with my mind with you mess with my routine. :)


Gigi said...

That's hilarious--we love those shows, too! Our Monday routine also includes a trip to the grocery store because it's "senior discount day." We were going to go to the gym tonight but I worked too late to be able to squeeze it in with all of our other stuff so what gets dropped? The gym, of course! Didn't you love a week or so ago when Sheldon was "training" Penny with chocolate?! LOL

I went to the writing gallery and found ours but it will not let me browse to see what submission is in there. Is it not open to the public yet or is my computer/internet messing with me as usual?

Suzassippi said...

Yes, the chocolate training was hilarious. I just kept seeing Libby sitting on the couch LOL. I will check the gallery--not sure about it yet.