Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm short-handed to do gardening

Yesterday I made the dog-food run to Memphis.  It was a beautiful summer day and I had lunch at Whole Foods and picked up some soap and beautiful huge organic cherries and blueberries that taste like real fruit and heirloom tomatoes.  On the way out, I made another stop at Fresh Market for organic chicken and spied these daisies.  I thought they would liven up the front porch a bit.

Alas, shortly after returning home and breaking up a dog fight (I am putting my dog on doggie valium) I was in ER with 3 wounds on my right hand.  (Interestingly enough my nurse has 6 dogs and my doctor has 10, so they were quite understanding and empathic.)  As a result of no use of the right hand for a while though, it will be hard to tend my newly arriving herbs.
I think this is the cilantro--I forgot to mark the pots and am going on a process of elimination and the vague memory I put cilantro in a long planter because it is tall.
The lavender is ready to be thinned and transplanted if I can get them out intact enough to replant with only one hand.
Basil--really ready for thinning!  I just hate the thought of pulling up some of them but know I have to in order for them to grow.
Likewise the dill!  I did not intend them to be so dense anyway, but the seeds are so tiny it was hard to keep them spaced.
Finally, the rosemary is showing.  I need more potting soil and a few more planters also and hoping by the weekend I will be able to use enough fingers on the right hand to help master the task.  It looks like tiling the new bathroom will still be a while longer, however.

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