Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, October 17, 2016

Libby says hey

 It's been pretty busy here in Lottabusha County, what with all that has been going on personally and professionally of late.  I have said several times that I thought I would try to incorporate both blogs (Lottabusha County Chronicles and Suzassippi, formerly known as Suzassippi: Red Shutters).  Obviously, I cannot make that break.  I might say that it baffles me as to why not, but it does not baffle me at all.  While I do on occasion post something more personal on Suzassippi, generally when I have been home and tending to Rio and the family, it has always been more or less the "architecture and old buildings" blog.  This one has been--also for pretty obvious reasons--Suzassippi's Lottabusha County Chronicles, which incorporates a lot more of who I am and charts the journey of my time in Mississippi.
When I first began the Chronicles, it was pretty much about social work, and social issues in Mississippi, coupled with dog, cat, and family philosophy, a whole lot of symbolism, and reaching for greater understanding with and among my fellow travelers of the universe.  Like the rest of life, it has evolved and changed.

Some things have been steadfast throughout the process, and I prefer to think that one of those is my desire to understand and to learn, and then to use that understanding to make a difference where ever that opportunity might present itself.  I know that I know things from my experience, knowledge, and training about what it takes to be effective in this work.  I also know that I need to set that knowing aside, and just hear what the person in front of me is saying about what she needs to move forward, while at the same time, providing enough support and challenge for the person to learn and grow.

It is a tough challenge.  I am fortunate to be working with 2 colleagues in researching this skill, need, ability, process, in hope of furthering that understanding for what we need to do to develop this capacity in our students.

Sometimes, the helpful philosophy of my dogs (or on occasion, my cats, but cats are way less philosophical than dogs are--just totally pragmatic most of the time in my opinion) helps to center me.
Let me think about that for a minute....no, I see no need to go there right now.


Beth said...

Being able to set aside your knowledge and listen to the person in front of you is a skill that is mostly overlooked. I encountered this in a work situation last week where the other person couldn't stop running his mouth and listen. His inability to listen wasn't lost on me! There is a need for listening if you are to really understand and process the information successfully. Keep posting on this - it's intriguing!

Suzassippi said...

Thank you, Beth. I appreciate this more than you can know...or perhaps not--maybe you do know how much!

Today's class was the most wonderful example as we were just listening to each other, sharing what we heard, and what we needed to hear. It was one of those days when you see someone look back at you and smile, and know you made a connection. I would love to share this with them next week.