Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What do you keep and what do you leave?

 I know--for someone who says she is decluttering, streamlining, and getting rid of things that (1) do not serve a purpose (whether utilitarian or aesthetic), (2) have significant value (sentimental or monetary), and (3) are family heirlooms destined to be passed down (not the same as sentimental to me), I can hold on to a lot of things that do not fit those definitions.
 I have looked at the withered and dead flowers sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks now, and not thrown them away.  This morning, I gathered the roses and the piece of greenery that I have no idea what was, and placed them in the old canning jar that belonged to my great-grandmother.  It contains rocks I picked up from Blouberg Beach in South Africa.  Normally, it sits on the shelf above my kitchen sink, and on occasion, sports live blooms.
While I will not keep these dried flowers very long (for one, dried flowers don't have a very long shelf life), they just seemed to beckon to me to keep them in view just a bit longer.  Mom, Dad, and Sis sent them to me post-surgery last month, and though I need no reminders of their love for me, it is nice to see them and feel that emotion momentarily at conscious level.

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