Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall is here

Sitting outside a couple of days ago, I noted these flowers had bloomed. The first year here, they bloomed in April, but it seems to be later each year. Normally profuse, only two have emerged in this spot.
There is a small patch of them in the woods next to the driveway as well. I cannot imagine anyone planting them in this location, so have often wondered how they got there.
The dill is going to seed finally, and the bugs have eaten lace into the leaves of the morning glories--which have also taken over the dill. I kept them off it while I was still using dill, but it is pretty well gone now, so I have let the glories do as they please.

Sunflowers peeking over the fence.
The miniature roses bloom profusely right now.
My latest addition to Libby's kennel--some fall asters. Libby said she did not really care, but if I would hang some hot dogs or a picture of Kate out there, she could really go for that.
The birds seem to like the new location for the birdbath, and the mums are going strong, even if the alyssium is waning, along with the basil.

The sunflowers in front of the house are about to bloom. These are a different variety, and quite short.

While it can still get quite warm during the day, the mornings and evenings have a chill in them and this is coming up on my favorite time of the year. I tend to get a lot accomplished in the fall as well, so I hope to shift into an improved production in the next week. School is pretty much under way and going adequately. Research is slow going right now due to all the administrative responsibilities for starting a new semester, but that will even out soon, too, I hope.

Alas, time to get back to cleaning house--a never ending chore for me it seems.


Kathi said...

Lovely! All we have right now is dead grass. Well, I guess I should say that Alan's cactus garden is doing just fine, and some of the flowers are very pretty, but I'm just not that into cacti. It only got up to 94 today, and it felt kinda "fall-ish." :)

Betty said...

Yeah, we're looking at another "chill" in the air also. I am wearing a sweatshirt in the house but it's still warm during the day. Your flowers are gorgeous! Did you know there's an azealea bush called Encore that blooms 2X a year. You may want to see if Miss. has it. It's really a beautiful flower.

On a different note, I am once again going up to Weston, Vermont on Oct.23-25. Does anyone want to go with me? There you can truly see the changing of the leaves to gold and orange and you know that Fall is here.

Suzassippi said...

Oh, I would love to go to Vermont with you! Is this to the monastery for the retreat? Sadly, my budget has naught in it for a trip until I get this bathroom finished.

Betty said...

Yep! This time, we are stopping in at Simon Pierce Winery to buy some wine for Christmas presents and drink. We eat at their restaurant while there. One of these days you'll be able to go. Maybe, I can Kath to come this time.

Gigi said...

Very pretty!