Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The industrial village of Valley Forge

Village of Valley Forge

When looking at the historic layout of the industrial village of Valley Forge in 1776, it becomes apparent why Washington chose this site to winter the Continental Army.  Unfortunately at the time, the British army was encamped there.  Washington had to make a choice between defending Philadelphia, or defending his supply depot in Reading, to the west.  He chose Reading, and the British marched into Philadelphia, abandoning the camp so Washington was able to set up there.  Hills, rivers, distance from Philadelphia--all good reasons to spend the winter there training the soldiers.  Originally an industrial location, with iron forges, he surmised he would also be able to obtain supplies more readily.  Although the British had destroyed the iron forge that made large cannons, there were others in the area, as iron forges were generally located in more rural areas.
There was no train station or trains welcoming--and transporting--the soldiers who camped along the river and on the hillsides during that grueling and harsh winter.  However, you can board my "virtual train" for a short sojourn through the area that was home to the Continental Army.  
All aboard!  Tickets, please.

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