Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Generations: The best is yet to come

 Drumroll, please!  And the second lesson from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinner... I correctly guess the ingredients, including those little caramelized onions on top, and applauded the presentation: food should be pleasing to the eyes as well as the palate.  Sis reported it was delicious, and I will say that pork chop's lovely browning just makes me want to drool on the computer.

I have been reminded of several things during this time of transition in the family, and that inter-generational relationships (as LindaRe pointed out in comments on the earlier post) were the norm, not the exception.  The whole idea of "independent" living in little nuclear units of husband wife and 2.5 children came about during the affluence post World War II.  I for one, love intergenerational living and the benefits it brings to all the family--the passage of history, tradition, and skills, help with the overwhelming tasks of keeping up our enormous houses and all of our gadgets, child care, elder care, and learning to share and contribute.  What could be better?
A bit closer to home, I have been in a creative mood of late and have now expanded into yard art decor...of sorts, anyway.  It did not turn out exactly as I envisioned (it is always way better in my head than it is in reality!) but I liked that it adds some color and definition to Libby's kennel until it is time for flowers again.  I did plant a few pansies along what I have come to call my "cliff" but the deer are eating them and digging around in them, so that isn't going to work for now!  I started the second weaving yesterday, this one to hang inside Libby's kennel.  After all, if one's view is the inside of a dog kennel, it should at least have something to enhance the view.

Happy Saturday all--cold front's coming and the sunshine is gone for now.


Beth said...

I'm reminded of the TV show The Waltons. I only occasionally watched it, but it was a multi-generational family situation. Each generation had their own function - we could use a little dose of the wisdom from merging generations. Love the yard art - Libby should feel real cozy!

Suzassippi said...

So, true: Goodnight John boy. Goodnight Mary Ellen. I did not see many of them either, but funny how that stuck with me. When Dad began to decline and Sis and I texted so much, those were our closing sentences so many nights.

I think Libby will be really sad when I have to go back to work next week. Maybe I should try to make a weaving of my face and record "Who loves you, Libby?" to randomly play.

Kristin said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I came here via Between the Gate Posts. I will be reading backwards to find more about the intergenerational household. I did have to smile at the thought of your face weaving and the recording freaking out your dog as it randomly plays your voice :)

Suzassippi said...

Hi, Kristin, and thank you for visiting! I love how these relationships come about due to visiting the blogs of others.