Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tea, bagels, rain, and winter's on the way

It is a chilly 57 here this morning, and raining non-stop. I had to put on a robe this morning for the first time since last winter.

I spent yesterday beginning the task of cleaning out family heirlooms I am passing on to my nieces and cousin, and also others of the vintage items I have collected over the years. My son has no interest in them and Randy does not really know what is what. I am getting less inclined over the years to use them--our place is so small that we rarely eat at the table any more, so I don't use the dishes like I used to. We don't entertain here like we did in Texas either, so it just seemed like a good idea as I am trying to continue to simplify my life. One of my nieces already collects vintage dishes, plus is very keen on the family history and keepsakes. It seemed to make sense to let them enjoy them now rather than collect more of the endless dust that is part and parcel of this house.

I cleaned the teapot that my great-grandmother gave to my mother for Christmas the year before my sister was born. It is one of the items I do not plan to pass on just yet as I still make a pot of tea. Grandmother Timmons collected Lipton tea coupons and purchased the tea pot with them. That was 1947. The white collar under the lid is the infuser as leaf tea was the norm. I still make leaf tea unless I want the convenience of making just a single cup. I learned not long ago that the tea bag was originally a muslin bag to hold samples of tea. It was not a far leap before someone dunked it in the hot water bag and all.

There is just something about the ritual of making--and drinking--tea that I cherish. I have a small collection of tea pots, numerous single cups, and several sets of cups and saucers. On weekend days when there is more time, it is peaceful to select a pot and cup, measure out Chinese oolong, Indian darjeeling, Irish breakfast, or Indian assam--some of my favorites--and enter a different world.


Gigi said...

Nothing like a cup of hot tea on a cold day. I love family heirlooms and it is hard to pare down sometimes, but it sounds like they are going to others who will cherish them. I remember all of your really neat dishes, silverware of different types and colors, and the variety of cups and saucers--always loved the way your kitchen looked in Texas (and MS too but I have more memories of TX!)

Betty said...

I drink a lot of hot tea when it's cool. Nothing seems to warm you so well unless it's a sniffer of Peach Brandy. That does the trick also.

We're having glorious weather running in the 70s. Weatherman is predicting cooler temps for the weekend though.

Susan, there's a restaurant not far from here called "The Painted Cottage" and you are served with mix-matched cups, saucers and plates. If you ever get back to NJ, I'll take you there!

Gigi said...

PS Just have to mention that 57 degrees is warm here. :)