Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Monday, May 30, 2011

Good morning from Cape Town

I put the students on the plane for the flight home last night, and I am about to leave for the airport for Port Elizabeth for the rest of the week.  Just a quick update on a few things for now.  We had a great visit in Eersterivier with Aunty and Captain Goliath, a tour of the community policing, community health center, community garden, and tea at Aunty's.
Denzel Washington is in town making a movie, and these are the lights for his movie crew!
We spent a day out in Sir Lowry's Pass Village, and at Eagle's Rising.  There is a green effort to remove all the non-inigenous trees that are destroying the ecosystem.  These are euchalyptus trees that were brought in from Australia, and suck all the water out of the water shed.  They have 3 years to remove them all.
 I stopped by the market to see my favorite women's organization, Sbongile Pottery.  I visited them in Gugulethu back in 2002, and always continue to support their work.
 This is the Methodist Church and the view of Table Mountain from our wonderful accommodations at Marsh Memorial Children's Home.
The students enjoyed visiting a few of the wineries during our free time.  Here, my all-time favorite and planned retirement commune, Waterford Winery, with the excellent Kevin Arnold, winemaker.

For now, that's it, and off to the airport and a visit to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University!  It's very cold here the last day!

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