Walnut Room this way

Walnut Room this way

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Brief Respite from the Polar Vortex II

 Libby and I have been pretty busy today, what with preparing syllabi, doing laundry, falling down the steps to the laundry room…let's just say it has not been one of my best days and it ain't over yet. (I know the photo does not look like we were busy, but we were.)  First of all, we were awake from 2 AM until 5:30 AM, dealing with unexplained pain (this was pre-falling down the stairs).  I was able to make it past another level of Candy Crush, however, given the 36 minutes I spent between lives doing crosswords.
While I was not in a particular mood to get up at 7:30 when Libby decided it was time for breakfast, and, thus, I did not, I accommodated her by 8:51 so she had no room to complain.  (She still did, but I think she was overstepping her boundaries).  
I spent the day from 9 AM until 8:27 PM working on my syllabus, with tiny breaks for toting laundry back and forth, and the 30 minutes I spent icing my knee, shin, and ankle after the fall down the steps to the laundry room.  I am pretty darn careful these days, but swoosh--the step was slick and apparently, so was my foot.
Note: I am taking poetic license here--I was not wearing these boots at any point during the day, thus, they cannot be held responsible. 
 I had been pretty proud of myself last Monday for getting my room organized and de-dog haired and dusted.  Good thing; I think I might be taking it easy for awhile.  (And if you don't think this is "organized" then good thing you did not see it before.)

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